Welcome to the Aurora Spirits

Statement of Purpose

The Aurora Spirits was founded on 7 February 2004, by a group of friends who enjoyed playing EverQuest and wanted a distinct identity among the masses in Norrath.  First and foremost, this is a game so fun is mandatory for all :-)

Our heritage dates back to 1999 when a group of friends decided to band together to form a guild. In the original spirit of that old guild, we have formed what will become the greatest guild of family and friends in Norrath, the Aurora Spirits.  The existence of this guild is evidence of continuous change in the world.  Change will remain inevitable.  It is necessary for the future of the Guild that lower level characters be allowed to grow within its ranks.  We must also recognize that our current strength lies in those who have worked so hard to make this Guild what it is today.

This Guild must be able to accommodate both high and low level characters if it is to stand the test of time. Players in their 80s and 90's must be able to continue to have the freedom to set and reach personal goals.  Our "younger" players must be able to grow with strength and wisdom if they are to be among the best at higher levels.

These guild policies are designed to ensure that Aurora Spirits can stand the test of time as the greatest guild of friends in Norrath. As leadership, membership and Norrath change, these policies will also change as needed.