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The Aurora Spirits are a close group of friends and family; we accept applications for membership from friends that wish to join us. Fame and Fortune (Level and Loot) are not our primary purpose as a guild! This guild exists as a group of friends and family that is deeply rooted in loyalty, integrity, and enjoyment of our lives in Norrath.

While our members will enjoy gaining experience (level) and collecting fortunes (loot), we seek the ability to adventure and have fun, but leading every kind of raid against every kind of beast, may or may not come.

If we decide that your goals are in line with our goals and a number of our membership wishes to share the privilege of our name with you, you may be invited to join our membership ranks.

PVP - No Spirit may live in permanent discord; hence player-killers are prohibited from seeking membership among the Aurora Spirits. If a Spirit is challenged to a duel, acceptance shall be up to that Spirit’s discretion. Best of luck and most of all, fight fair! Spirits should be even-tempered and dueling should be limited to good-natured fun (no deaths) or a rightful seeking of justice for a recent wrong. Cheating, lying about skill/level, or receiving outside assistance shall bring dishonor upon our Guild. Any Spirit who brings such dishonor upon our Guild shall be regarded poorly and asked to surrender his/her “coat of arms” (think “/guildremove”).

Level – The Aurora Spirits does not have any specific level requirement, but it is preferred that Spirits be somewhat experienced (level 30). Confidence of the potential Initiate's skill and maturity must be gained through either a personal (real life) knowledge of the individual (we’re always willing to help out a friend) or through hours of in-game acquaintance.

Recommendation – Before any application can be considered, it must have the endorsement/recommendation of at least three Spirits (this being someone who has achieved Spirit status or better). The more the merrier. It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow up on an application and to find Spirits willing to endorse/recommend.

Inviting Initiates – Any member of the Council of Elders may invite a new initiate upon being convinced of his/her integrity and desire to contribute to the Aurora Spirits. The same Elder shall be responsible for notifying council. Upon invite, the thread used for application will be moved to the Future Spirits forum for review by the Spirits during the Initiate period.

Membership Application: To apply for membership, add a new post to this forum stating your main character's name, level, race, and class. Tell us about yourself and why you wish to join the Aurora Spirits. Also be sure to tell us who recommended you to the guild.

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Guild Chat

There are some basic dos and don’ts to guild chat. Common sense should dictate.

Spamming, be it guild or any other form of chat is discourteous and regarded as poor manners. This includes repeatedly asking for prices, assistance, or any other thing.

Selling is NOT permitted in guild chat. Selling should be conducted in the Norrathian Bazaar, auction channel or on the equipment forum pages established for this purpose.

Foul language and rude remarks are distasteful, unbecoming a Spirit, and violate the laws set forth by the gods of Norrath (GMs).

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Harassment and Foul Conduct

Harassment and Foul Conduct include any action which is offensive or otherwise impedes the fair and fun game play of another. This conduct is unbecoming a Spirit and if proof of such acts is provided, the Spirit may be asked to surrender his/her coat of arms.  Actions prohibited by the gods (EverQuest rules of fair game play and general decency as enforced by the GMs) shall also be prohibited by this guild and bring about swift action by the Council of Elders, if not by the gods themselves.

If any citizen of Norrath believes that he/she has been harassed by a member of this guild, he/she should immediately contact a member of the Council of Elders (officer). Be prepared to provide proof in the form of a screen image via e-mail.  Please note that chat logs are not considered conclusive proof.

For severe violations of this policy, all members of the Council of Elders shall have the authority to immediately remove any Spirit/Initiate upon receipt of proof of such violation. For less severe violations, the responding Elder may, at his/her discretion, choose to reprimand the Spirit/Initiate involved or discuss the matter in a general session of the Council. In the event that a Spirit Elder is accused, this matter must be dealt with by the Guild Leader, who will use his/her personal discretion in handling the matter.

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Resurrection and Teleports

We are a strong Guild because our membership is rich with strong Spirits.  Many of these Spirits have been gifted with such skills as Resurrection and Teleporting.  This does not obligate these Spirits to drop everything to restore your experience or give you a ride.  If you die, you are certainly welcome to mention your death once in guild chat, however, don’t ask for a resurrection.  If a Spirit is able and willing, he/she will volunteer upon hearing of your untimely demise. If you need a teleport, you may mention it once in guild chat that you’re looking for a ride from point A to point B, but don’t beg.  If a Spirit is available and willing, he/she will volunteer. Begging is a skill to be practiced on NPCs and shall bring disrepute upon the Spirit practicing this skill on his fellow Spirits!

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Power Leveling

Power leveling is generally discouraged by Aurora Spirits. Power leveling hurts younger characters by taking away from the time necessary to build strong characters with wisdom and solid skills. Our higher-level Spirits must be free to continue to set and achieve personal goals just as our lower level Spirits do. As such, no Spirit should ever ask another Spirit to power level him/her as this is considered to be in very poor taste. Such a Spirit shall be dubiously regarded by his/her peers. Higher-level Spirits are always free to volunteer to power level should they wish to, but this comes at expense of their time and resources and should be considered a great honor if offered.

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Grouping and Raiding

Grouping: Spirits are encouraged to group with fellow Spirits as often as possible, however, this may not always be possible or practical. When joined in groups with non-Spirits, all Spirits, including Initiates, are required to conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring honor and glory to the guild.

Raid Planning: Raids are an important part of EverQuest. Raids test a guild’s/player’s skills to the max and are a great chance to play together, travel to strange lands, meet new creatures… and kill them.  The most important rule to remember is that raids are not mandatory but that in any raid fun is MANDATORY for all!

Any Spirit wishing to schedule a raid should suggest it on the "Raid Planning" board in the Forum. It is essential to provide the raid location, assembly/meeting location, expected character level range, proposed date/time (please try to allow at least one week advance notice) and purpose of the raid. The suggesting Spirit may also want to make note of how many participants are necessary, loot that will be available, approximate time required to complete the raid, and where to find information such as maps, location guides, and NPC loot guides. Keep in mind that some raids may require planning and coordination with other guilds. After-raid victory celebrations are also a nice touch!

Once the requirements for the raid plan have been met (necessary information provided) and the necessary number of eligible participants have registered for the raid, a Spirit Elder will "approve" the raid plan. This is the planner’s responsibility to get the approval also allowing for an MotD to be written about the event.

Raid Participants: Before a Spirit can participate in any raid, he/she must meet the following requirements:

- Be proficient in the use of the /loc command to navigate.
- Have Maps of the zone to be raided. This requirement is an absolute!
- Have a /assist HotKey that announces to the group whom you are assisting.
- Have sufficient food and drink to last the duration of the raid.
- Have adequate supplies of range weapons, ammo, stones, and other consumable items as pertains to the character.
- Have all other required equipment as stated in the raid plan (some raids may require Journeyman's boots, special keys, personal resistance equipment, enduring breath devices, etc).

All Spirits wishing to participate in a proposed raid who are able to meet the above requirements should reply to that raid's plan on the forum as soon as they are relatively certain of their ability to participate. This is the ONLY way to let us know that you are interested. Failure to register a sufficient number of participants may result in cancellation or rescheduling of the raid. 

Raid Operations: Participants should try to arrive at the assembly/meeting location early so that the raid party can depart on schedule. Plan ahead, allowing time for travel and zoning. Failure to be at the assembly point may find you left behind and lonely, or at least in for a long, lonely journey through treacherous territories.

The raid planner/sponsor shall be responsible for assembling of groups. Feel free to ask other experienced Spirits for help if necessary. A chat channel will be created for the raid preparation and general "chatter." The RAID channel will be used by the raid leader and group leaders for coordination of raid events. Use the GROUP chat channel for messages which are important only to your group. Group leaders will be responsible for communicating their group status to the raid sponsor as necessary.

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Guild Hierarchy and Membership Structure

Initiate Status – All new members shall be considered "Initiates." Initiates who are not otherwise Spirits in another life (character) are asked to wait until being promoted to Spirit before bringing secondary characters into the guild. Initiate status is waived for level 20+ secondary characters of current Spirits.

Spirit Status – Consideration for promotion to Spirit shall be upon attainment of level 20 or one month of membership, whichever is longer. Promotion to Spirit status is after a vote of the Spirits and Elders. The vote will be presented for one week prior to the projected date of promotion as:

  • Aye - Promote
  • Nay - Do not promote
  • Present - I do not know the person well enough to vote
  • Mortal Enemy - Over my cold, dead, res-timer expired body!
    Note: Mortal Enemy votes require the voting member to provide a reason for this vote.

The initiate must receive “aye” votes from ½ of the voting Spirits and Elders, and must receive no more than two “nay” votes. If the initiate fails to obtain sufficient “aye” votes and does not have more than two “nay” votes, initiate status will be continued for two weeks, after which another vote will be taken.

If two or more “nay” votes are received, the initiate will be asked to disband (/guildremove), but may reapply for Initiate status after two months of playing/fighting with Spirits to gain the confidence of the members.

If any Mortal Enemy vote is cast, the Council of Elders will discuss the matter with the Spirit and Initiate and render a decision on whether the vote may continue.

NOTE: Secondary characters of current Spirits shall be promoted to Spirit status immediately upon achieving level 20 without the need for a vote.

Elder Status (“The Council of Elders”) – Spirits who have proven their dedication to Aurora Spirits and loyalty to the Guild Leader may be considered for a post in the Council of Elders (officer status) and shall be given the title of Spirit Elder.

The Council of Elders shall consist of one-twentieth (1/20) of the membership, excluding secondary characters, with a minimum of two Elders and a maximum of six elders at any one time.

Generally, these Spirits will have achieved a minimum level of 45, much of which was earned during Aurora Spirits membership or non-broken membership with the Aurora Spirits for a minimum of 6 months, subject to waiver by the Guild Leader.  The Guild Leader shall preside over the Council of Elders. 

The Council of Elders shall nominate replacements for any open positions.  If there are two or more open posts, the Council of Elders will first decide whether to select the top candidates from a single election or to have multiple elections.  Once the Guild Leader approves the list of candidates, the present membership shall vote on the candidates by name.  The candidate(s) with the most votes will be promoted.

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